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8 Box House

8 Box House

Location: Singapore
Typology: Architecture | Landscape | Residential | Landed Property
Completed: 2012

Seated at the base of a gentle hill in Holland Park, Singapore, 8 Box House is one of six distinctive bungalows of the Lien Villas Collective. To add variety & colour, each bungalow on the property was assigned to a different architect.

The 8 Box House holds its own amongst its four ‘sibling’ houses, and the conserved patriarch house. The bungalow is a cluster of eight white boxes, each containing a room of a different size and directional orientation.

The final massing offers a unique view of the house from different angles. It features internal spaces that are interconnected physically and visually to each other, and is angled to capture the surrounding views outside The 8 Box House project presented a unique opportunity for Tierra Design Studio to advance the value and appreciation of distinctive designs in Singapore.

Central to a giant 80 year old Eugenia Grandise, is a primary view corridor that pivots from the entrance of the patriarch bungalow. While it provides a welcome stretch of shared garden spaces for the various families to enjoy, the concept of the spine unlocked tremendous new value for the site. The final site plan allowed for the parcelling of the component plots in such a way that a sixth bungalow could be added to the site.