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Banyan Tree Lijiang

Banyan Tree Lijiang

Location: Lijiang, Yunnan, China

Completed: 2010

Awards: 2007 SILA Silver Award


The landscaping for this 5-star luxury spa resort near the historic city of Lijiang, China echoes the culture, ecosystem, and history of this 900-year-old UNESCO World Heritage site. From the understated water and granite fountain at the entrance plaza, to the delicately-scaled private villa courtyards reminiscent of the individual family plots of the original old city, the design language is fully committed to preserving the old world calm by whisking the resort’s modern-day patrons off to another world and time.

Architectural elements of 16th century Lijiang, such as pathways, courtyards, bridges, and waterways seamlessly enhance and integrate with the modern offerings of this 21st century Kingdom of Calm. 

Willow tree-lined waterways are a throwback to the trading days of the city where bustling canals were the lifeline of the land. The soft scape is divided into large rectangular plots with a gridded planting system that echoes the uniformity of the architecture. Carefully nurtured plants alongside soft and tender grass accent the gardens, sustaining the flow of life in this slice of modern heaven on ancient earth.