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Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage

Location: Singapore

Completed: 2005

This lush, iconic landmark is both an engineering and architectural marvel. This five-acre site was designed house seven massive pumps as part of the comprehensive drainage scheme to prevent flooding and transform the Marina Basin into a freshwater reservoir. Originally a rectangular industrial substation of metal and glass the massive pump house was off limits to the public. The final design was a simple spiral structure integrating the vast green surrounding resulting in a roof garden. Accessible at different levels, the Marina Barrage is a popular weekend destination and education center that showcases Singapore’s stellar water system. 

The Barrage’s design features a spiral shape leading up to a green roof. Its roof reduces visibility of the pumping station and allows the building to be accessible from various points. Also, the roof with different entrances along the inner and the outer spirals allows visitors to move in and out without having to retrace their steps.