Tierra Design

Scott's Square

Scott’s Square

Location: Singapore
Typology: Landscape | Mixed Use
Completed: 2011

Scotts Square is located at the heart of the Orchard Road shopping district. The landscape concept reflects the modern simplicity of the architecture while embracing the constraints of an urban environment. Using linear elements of timber, stone, water and vegetation, the design language continues from street level up to the roof-top terrace on the 35th storey.At street level, the landscape strategy of the plaza along Scotts Road was to create a unified urban space, elegantly displaying renowned artworks on a simple plane of water. While on the 8th storey podium deck, the landscape design has been staged to provide a tranquil ground plane for the two residential towers. Here, the urban feel at the ground floor gives way to an elegant landscape composition of an expansive swimming pool, Jacuzzi, water feature, pool side terraces and a soft, beautiful lawn. Stone feature walls and trees at the periphery of the podium deck are employed to screen the users from neighbouring developments.

The roof-top terrace on the 35th storey is designed for those who enjoy the thrill of relaxing ‘at-the-top-of-the-world’. The landscape design is consistently minimalist, so as not to distract from the sophisticated simplicity of each and every design element. The breath-taking views and uplifting experience of being perched high up in the sky make this roof-top deck a rare, premium space in the heart of town.